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IDPlus902 Eliwell termostato electrónicos 230V

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Betaal gemak door de meest vooraanstaande betaal methodes
Betaal gemak door de meest vooraanstaande betaal methodes


IDPlus902 Eliwell termostato electrónicos 230V

Fast and easy installationDirect power supply 230VStandard parameter-selectable PTC or NTC temperature probesProgramming menu with different protection levels

The IC 902 is a range of single stage electronic controllers; they can operate heating and cooling applications. 

Technical230Va 15A 1hp relay output230Va 15A 2hp relay outputRemovable connectorsPower supply 12Va/c, 12…24Va switching, 12…36Vc switching, 115Va, 230Va

They are available for a PTC temperature sensor input as default (NTC can be selected by parameter) and an 8A relay output for the load management. The value of the probe’s reading is viewed on a display by 3 and half digits and a minus sign. All models are provided with TTL connection to enable the “Copy Card”, the quick parameters programming accessory.


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